rosie (salgueirinho) wrote in vaginapagina,

ELISA test

I posted here yesterday, and instead of trying to push this all to the back of my mind until I'm in a place I can do something about it (i.e. a doctor's office), I've been looking through back entries here trying to find people with similar issues. Which...has mostly just scared me into thinking I'm going to test positive for HIV.

I got tested for HIV the other day and got my results almost immediately (negative). But they also tested for hepatitis B and C, syphilis, and did an ELISA test (and get my results in two weeks). They took one test tube of blood.

My question is...what is an ELISA test? I've been looking online and the answers are kind of vague - HIV, hepatitis, TB come up often. Why does the clinic list ELISA separate to syphilis, hepatitis, and HIV if it's testing for the same thing? Is it just to be thorough? Or are they testing for something else? I guess ELISA is more accurate than the fast result HIV test they did? seems irresponsible to say "you're HIV negative" and then do another, more accurate test, and tell me in two weeks that I'm positive.

And reading through back entries here, it seems like false positives on the ELISA test are not uncommon.

So now I'm terrified I have HIV even though I tested negative on the first test :(

As well as a uterus full of cysts and tumours, ha.

Someone please cut off my internet connection until I've had my ultrasound and lab results :(

Hope you don't mind my questions and thanks for helping. I'm really nervous. I know there's something wrong with me but I don't know what! But I'm seeing doctors and having tests which is all I can do...just waiting for the results sucks.
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