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Vagina Pain

Hi all, I've tried googling this and have found nothing useful, so I'm hoping y'all can help me.
I've had what I was told by an e.r. doctor are ovarian cysts since 2009. My symptoms of them are a ping pong ball sized lump under the skin on the right side of my pelvic area (near where my thigh meets my body, below the bikini like) and it acts up for several days before my period. I can remember the lump showing up and being sore back to my preteen years, and I'd push it back into me which felt squishy and fizzy, and would give me relief for an hour or so. I ended up in the e.r. because a cyst burst so painfully that I couldn't walk and my then-fiance freaked out and brought me in.
My current issue is different. I've dealt with my share of pelvic pain over the years, awful cramps, my body rejecting mirena (doctor described that to early labor since my cervix had dilated to let mirena slide out), and the cyst issues.
Today is day two of my period. its not uncommon for me to bleed thriugh a pad or tampon in an hour or so early in my period, so that wasn't shocking at all today. My cramps and cyst issues have tapered off after almost two weeks of dealing with them off and on. The new issue is that my vagina hurt, felt like what I can only describe as being folded in half. In my mind, it would look like a straw bent to the point of clamping off and nearly cracking at the sides. It happened this morning wearing a pad, and throughout the day when I was wearing a tampon also (seems relevant because I've had similar issues with tampons just not sitting right). It wasn't the most painful experience of my life, but sitting down on a hard seat took my breath away for a second, and never really became  comfortable, though was tolerable.
My issue here is that I'm paranoid about my reproductive abilities. I also don't have any insurance or extra money, so if its nothing major or threatening to my safety or abilities to become a mother, I will just ignore it. I'm beginning to consider pcos or endometriosis as explanations to my many pains down there.


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