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Possible non-scary causes for bloody discharge/outcomes of a transvaginal ultrasound?

Last year I was dating this guy and whilst we were dating, I started to have worrying symptoms - bloody discharge, suddenly irregular periods. The first time it happened I just assumed it was one of those things, but then it happened again after we split up and so I went to the gynecologist who examined me and found what she thought was a polyp, but turned out to be a small mass of congealed blood. She said it went into my cervix and my cervix was dilated 1cm. She cut most of it out and did a pap, which came back normal apart from a gardnerella infection for which I was given antibiotics. She said the irregular period and bleeding was due to the infection and the blood mass. I also got STD checked and everything was fine there.

Anyway, the antibiotics I assume worked because I didn't have anymore symptoms (although, my period did continue strangely - instead of every four weeks, I've been getting it about every 25 days). So I kind of forgot about it. August, I got back with this same guy from last year. And the day after we had sex for the first time, I had a small amount of bloody discharge, which concerned me but put down to the fact that it had been a while and we were rough.

Then...a few weeks later...I went to the bathroom, and when I stood up there was a tiny, tiny clot in the toilet. So I made an appointment with the gynecologist again for yesterday. And on Sunday...I had some very bloody discharge that mostly appeared on Sunday night, but a little on Monday morning too. It can't be from rough sex because I haven't had sex in two weeks.

So I went to the gyno, thinking it would be the same issue as before. But this time she said my cervix looked perfectly normal, so whatever is causing the bleeding must be inside my uterus. She sent me to get a transvaginal ultrasound, which I'll do next week.

I also have another, different, bacterial infection (she prescribed me antibiotics and I've been to four pharmacies so far and NONE have had them!).

I really thought all these symptoms were to do with sex with this guy because they appear after we've got together. Now we're not together because he is a manipulative, abusive man child who cannot be trusted (he cheated on me a lot) and I'm still amazed at how stupid I was to take him back. But if whatever is wrong with me is deeper than my cervix and I need an ultrasound, it makes me think only awful things, and being with this guy is just coincidental.

So please...what do you think could be wrong with me? The bleeding really isn't that frequent, it's very occasional, I don't have any pain or swelling, sex doesn't hurt. My periods are normal despite my cycle having become shorter - everything about them is as they always have been. I've never been pregnant but I think I ovulate normally based on the symptoms I know of ovulation. The pap in April didn't find HPV and this guy is the only guy I've been with who I haven't been careful with (I know I'm stupid I'm kicking myself I'm learning my lesson about that).

I went to a free clinic yesterday as well and got tests for HIV, Hep B and C, ELISA, and syphilis. HIV was negative and the other results I get in ten days. I'm going to get tests for other STDs when I get the ultrasound (can't find a free clinic for the other tests).

I'm going to guess/hope/assume it's not cancerous because my symptoms aren't really that severe, they're occasional, and also because I didn't have HPV on the last pap (and I'm pretty sure HPV symptoms won't appear the day after you contract it, even if it turns out I now do have HPV). So maybe a cyst, fibroid or polyp? That terrifies me though. I want kids one day and I'm really scared of being infertile. Or maybe it could be that bloody mass the gyno found in April? She said it went through my cervix, into my uterus, and she said if it was a polyp she would have removed it under general anaesthetic, but as it turned out to be just blood, she left it. Now it's no longer on the outside, but is maybe inside and that causes bleeding? Could that be a symptom of an STD? Honestly...I would rather an STD than a cyst. Anything that can be treated with medicine is better than something that requires surgery.

Sorry for my essay. In short...any ideas what's wrong with me? Non-scary answers only please...that's why I'm asking here instead of google.

OH...and one last thing. Another reason I think/hope it's sex related (and not massive cancerous growth related) - this guy is a drunk who sometimes leaves his facebook and email open by accident. Suspecting he was being unfaithful, I read his messages, and in one message he asked his ex-girlfriend (who I'm pretty sure he's getting back with) if she'd already got tested because apparently she is having symptoms of something too.

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