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Period Problems

My period doesn't happen every month like most of you normal folks. Rarely it does. Usually I skip a few months (usually only one, but i've gone as far as 4 months without having it) and last time I skipped it was around 3-4 months. Now though it's compensating for the lost time  and i've been on my period for the past 2-3 months. I'm not dizzy or anything. At first it was really light but the last 2-3 days it has gotten progressively heavier, to the point of dark blood clots and leaking through. I'm not too worried about this as it's happened a few times before, but should I be? I'm about 100 pounds overweight so i'm sure it's a weight thing. Thus i'm trying to get back down to at least 200. I think that should fix things. What do you guys think though? Should I be worried about this?

EDIT: Forgot to mention I used to have normal periods but when I started gaining weight (as in becoming overweight) my periods fluctuated. 
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