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Abnormal spotting two months in a row

Hello friends. I wrote here almost (( a month ago )) because I was experiencing spotting the days leading up to my period. It was an odd situation I'd never been in before. My period did, however, show up as expected. I know it was my period because it was constant heavy bleeding for a few days as opposed to spotting or implantation bleeding.

Once I got my period, I felt relieved and I hadn't given much thought about it since. My period is due on October 16th but earlier today, I started spotting. I thought I had felt cramping earlier in the day but thought maybe I was imagining things. But later, when I went to the bathroom, there was brownish/pinkish discharge in the toilet and a bright red spot when I wiped.

Needless to say, I have spent the rest of the day freaking out... My best friend passed away from ovarian cancer two years ago at the age of 20... I'm terrified that I, too, have won the cancer lottery and am sick... I'm starting to think I should see a doctor, I'm just terrified and it's almost like I would much rather not know...

Any thoughts as to what else this could be? To recap in case you don't read the original post: I'm 23. I'm on birth control (tri phasic pills) and am a pretty perfect user. I last had sex on September 27 though I really don't think pregnancy is a possibility...

Even if you could just leave any comforting words, I would really appreciate it... If anything else, thanks for giving me a safe place to vent.
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