Ashley (winterburg) wrote in vaginapagina,

question about bc/examinations

Hey guys,

So my prescription for birth control ran out a couple months ago and I finally made an appointment for monday to renew it. I moved to a new city for university so I'm going to the clinic on campus; it's with a male physician.

I'm wondering if he'll need to do any kind of examinations for my renewal? I'm an 18 year old virgin and I'm not sexually active, I was just on it because my periods were dreadful so the BC helped with that.

I didn't need any physical examination the first time I was prescribed it, just blood pressure and questions, so I hope I don't need any for this time either.

Just want to make sure. What do you guys think?

(Also when do physicals/pap smears become mandatory, if they are mandatory? I'm avoiding them at all costs. I'm in Ontario btw!)

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