novak's metronome (feuerwald) wrote in vaginapagina,
novak's metronome

How short can I make my withdrawal bleed?

Hi all -- so I had my first 21 days of oral HBC but then forgot to take the new pack when I went away at the weekend. I missed a pill on Monday, took one Tuesday, and started bleeding Tuesday night/Wednesday. It's now Thursday night where I am. While I guess it's good to work out how fast my body responds to change, I really want to make the bleed stop as soon as possible since that was the whole point of going on HBC in the first place. I know that every body will be different, but given that I don't want to waste pills by taking them and still bleeding anyway, does anyone have any advice for how soon I might be able to make it go?

Also, I'm bleeding about the same as my normal period, but the consistency is way off, like there are small clots being passed, and it's freaking me out a bit (honestly, a lot). I guess some change is fine since this is a withdrawal bleed and not my period, but is there anything to worry about here?
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