whiterabit (whiterabit) wrote in vaginapagina,

Weird ache in ovary.

Hi Vper's!

I have a question, for the past maybe two months I've had a weird dull ache feeling on my left lower abdomen (lower it feels like my ovary but I'm not sure). I get it weird ache all the time, its often a little sharper if right after sex, or during my period. It is never severe, its just sort of a funny, hollow feeling little ache. I think it is a cyst, but am sort of concerned because it doesn't just hurt around "ovulation" I am on BC so I don't actually ovulate. It aches sort of randomly the whole month. Most of the time I don't think about it but maybe I feel it once a week. I've had a noticable cyst, I am definitely not pregnant and I did have a pap come back abnormal but returned for the colposcopy. The results showed it was not cancer, and that it was just a mild case of inflamation.

Any one ever experience anything like this? Could it be a cyst?

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