ariana_08_08 (ariana_08_08) wrote in vaginapagina,

Could really need some advice!

I feel like I an repeating myself. This is about my third post about the same problem (but new things keep happening... And could need sone advice)

I have for a 2 and a half month had this "constant need to pee" feeling. I have been treated for BV, UTI, yeast infection and over activr bladder.
They put me on Betmiga for the over active bladder, but after over a month with no effect went to a uroligist and had a cystoscopy done, and they found nothing. He gave me Vesicare for over active bladder and some antibiotics and he told me to drink a lot to prevent infection. He said that after two weeks I could start to feel some effect of Vesicare.
To help prevent infection I drank 2 liters of cranberry juice the 3 first days after the cystoscopy. And I felt some change, the feeling got a little less intense (still present, but a little less intense), and I am now taking some cranberry pills as well as the Vesicare (still have over a week before they might start to work). I am going to stop with the cranberry and see if it is actually them that has made things a little bit better.

But my question and what I would like some advice on is; does anyone have any idea why the cranberry (might) have eased my "constant need to pee" feeling?
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