underdog on top (underdog_ontop) wrote in vaginapagina,
underdog on top

Starting inactive placebo pills early on Nortrel

Hello all!

I have been on Nortrel for the past 2 months and have just successfully stacked pack 2 and pack 3. However, I am going on a short vacation in about 2 weeks and it falls right at the time when my withdrawal bleed would start. Usually I would just stack the next pack also but I have been having some spotting and I know that does not bode well for the next month of stacking. And since I really just started this new birth control (coming off Mononessa) I'm not sure if my dr. would be pleased with stacking 2 months or how my body will react. Would it be ok to start the placebo pills this week and then start taking the BC again when I have finished the withdrawal bleed?  Or will this mess things up too much?

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