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Long term problem, thoughts?

I am now almost 24yo and have had an inconsistent possible yeast infection? Something else?

Just about 3 years ago everything was normal and healthy, I grew up riding horses and am a naturally very sweaty person so the long days at the barn always ended with a less than ideal environment for a vagina but it hardly ever complained that I can recall. I lost my virginity to a long time friend, normal bleeding and soreness but no other signs. I've gained maybe 10lbs and lost muscle tone since I stopped riding and started college.

Once I started dating my now ex things started to change, we always used protection for at least the first year. Once I started birth control, maybe 3-4 months after we were sexual active we would use protection less. Even before the BC I started having symptoms of a yeast infection, OTC products eased the symptoms of external itchiness, redness and swelling of my labia to some degree. Discharge normally is clear to milky white and doesn't change much, possibly smells a bit more when symptoms are present. When I went to get the BC I had STD testing done which all came back negative. Both my ex and I had only one partner before and I took his word on his health, he's never even now given me any reason to think he is hiding anything.

My Dr that first year gave me topical, external clotrimazole cream then internal triconazole treatments. Each would help for a while and it was hard to tell if we were passing an infection back and forth (he never got treatment, partially I never brought it up and he didn't show any symptoms). It was manageable to deal with with some balancing of vigilantly keeping the area clean and dry, not wearing underwear at night helped some, occassionaly usage of hydrocortisone cream and antifungals while we were together. Coconut oil helped slightly but I only used it sparingly since it could affect the condoms.

We have been separated and have not had sexual contact for over 2 months now, I finished a pack of BC the week we broke up and didn't start a new one. Sadly things haven't improved and have almost gotten worse since then. Maybe it's lifestyle/stress (working overnights and being depressed) making things worse but I don't understand why my vagina can no longer be happy for more than 4 days at a time it seems.

Some other notes; sex was never painful unless i was super irritated and we didn't have enough lube, we didn't start using lube until probably a year into being sexually active, the lube never seemed to irritate me worse. Urinating isn't painful, only stings the outer skin upon contact. I've gotten so raw/itched that I have caused peeling to occur before.

Any thoughts on what this could be? I need to make an appointment soon and will this week, but any advice on what I could do at home until then?
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