curly_brownme (curly_brownme) wrote in vaginapagina,

what's in your pants..pubic hair!!!?!?!

Basically my pubic hair (I have a vagina..hence the subject) is completely curl at all, and you would think well many people have straight pubic hair..but most of the time that match the hair that's on the top of their head, straight, straight wavy, wavy. Most of the time the hair types matches, you know..mines doesn't match at all.. My hair is pretty coiled..for those who know the hair type chart I'm a 4a/b on the top of my head..but in the pants like it's just curl, not even a wave....

That is how my hair on my head looks like ^^^^

We all know what straight hair looks I didn't really think I needed to show a pic...for that..

Not that I'm caring if it's normal or not..but I was just it common..or my body just didn't know if it wanted straight hair or curly hair..?
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