demiraks_world (demiraks_world) wrote in vaginapagina,

Mid-Cycle pain & Bleeding

I have regular periods (28 days), never been pregnant, no history of anything wrong (though I've had recurring BV for about a year now.)

This cycle I am having mid-cycle cramps and I feel "full" and bloated, like I do days before my period. My last cycle ended a week ago and 2 days ago I had pink spotting that required a pantyliner (lasted for about 2 days).

I'm a bit concerned about things. We're trying to conceive and I'm not liking all these "new" issues. I've made a Drs. appointment for Monday. What are the odds they would do an ultrasound? Do they do ultrasounds for things like this - to look for cysts or fibroids?

This is really frustrating because my periods are NOT heavy, they are regular, NOT painful - so nothing really fits with the usual symptoms for cysts or fibroids. At this point I'm concerned the only thing left is "sub-clinical PID" from the BV.

Any other ideas? What are the odds they'll be able to do SOMETHING on Monday (last day of my health insurance!) What would they do? And is there anything I should request??
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