sockpup135 (sockpup135) wrote in vaginapagina,

Concurrent BV and Yeast

Now that I've got the diagnosis...I'm about to start treatment. The doc gave me a Flagyl script and some vag cream. I also have some sketchy internet acquired Diflucan. I had started out taking that, but it didn't help. So I went to the doc, and well, I guess the dual infections explains why only killing the yeast didn't help.

What has worked for you guys? I don't want to deal with the cream for a week if it's not going to help, but I know I need to start treating the yeast once I take Flagyl or else that will get even worse.

Also, how do you maintain vaginal health? Supposedly I'm not immunosupressed, don't have diabetes...but goddammit it's a challenge to have healthy fluids. I'm going to be better about not eating much sugar from now on...switching to baby wipes for my asshole (but not my vag, although those are supposedly vag safe). Also considering a cup + cloth pad switchover for my rag. I wish I could know at least that my vag wouldn't act up if I get stressed out or miss a lot of sleep or eat poorly. I don't get how other people deal.

Edit: And I just got my period. I hope I'll still improve even while using tampons. I don't feel comfortable leaving the house with pads.
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