Casey (x_allsystemsg0) wrote in vaginapagina,

Missed pill

Hello HBC aficionados!

I'm taking Loestrin 24 (being discontinued... boooo) and take my pill religiously at the same time every day.  I've been pretty stressed this week so I must have forgotten it, because come Thursday I had a Wednesday pill waiting for me.  I took the Wednesday and the Thursday pill at the same time, so I took my missed pill exactly 24 hours after I forgot it.

The Loestrin 24 documentation says if that I miss one pill, I'm still protected and don't need to use a backup.  I was just hoping you all could give me a second opinion--24 hours seems like a long time to have forgotten it!  Should I use condoms for the next week?  Will I really really be okay if I don't?

Thank you everyone!

(Edited to add that this must be the first time I've forgotten a pill in over a year--so I haven't missed more than this one this cycle!)
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