Maturity is Overated (takkid) wrote in vaginapagina,
Maturity is Overated

Red, irritated inner labia?

For the past few day my inner labia has become red, almost swollen, dry and very itchy and irritable. The inside of me feels normal, it isn't abnormally dry or anything. I don't use any sort of birth control or even condoms because I'm in a long term relationship and we're looking to have children and in the past I've only ever used condoms anyway.

This is going to sound a bit gross but yesterday my clitoris was exceptionally sore and when I checked the hood there was small bits of tissue. I got rid of them in the bath. Is the irritation anything to do with it or is it an unrelated issue? My inner labia is the same today, no changes.

EDIT: Ive been taking amoxocillian (anti-biotic) for an ear infection. Could this be the cause?
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