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Burning pain with intercourse-not UTI

For the third week in a row now I have been experiencing a burning/stinging sensation with intercourse. The first week it occurred it was also with urination, so naturally I thought "Okay, uti..." took some azo, some cranberry and the Dr. gave me a week's worth of cipro. After finishing the meds, there was no pain with urination but still with intercourse (although briefly returned with urination after intercourse.) Another week went by, and I/we thought for sure it wouldn't happen again this time-but it did. I have no idea what could have caused this-have been with the same partner for seven (almost eight) years now; no stds-we have only ever been with each other. I have never had a yeast infection; have only ever had the occasional uti. I keep very clean down there; I have never douched before but have used vagisil for years (only on the outside) and have never had a problem from it. Some other things I feel are relevant...
- We go into his hot tub every weekend (usually before sex) and last week I skipped it, thinking it might be the cause (or at least a factor) but it made no difference.
- I only feel it in my clitoral region. I felt an extremely light sting as he was giving me oral; little to no pain with him thrusting from behind or with me lying on the edge of the bed and him standing (although significant decrease in pleasure/arousal-probably cause I was expecting pain)-the full-on burn happened when I got on top. So it seems to have less to do with insertion and more to do with direct clitoral contact.
-The pain to the point where it becomes bothersome ONLY happens from intercourse. And there are no other symptoms.
I asked my friend who is in nursing school if she had any ideas-she suggested it could be bacterial vaginosis, and that I get a pap smear to get to the bottom of it; but in the meantime that I should try douching-although instead of using the stuff in the bottle that I use a mixture of warm water and powder from acidophilus capsules, and that will stop the burning. I am really wary of this though since A. I know douching in general is not good B. It says specifically that douching can CAUSE this problem and C. Like I said, have never done it before. So, if anyone has experience with anything like this, please tell me the best way to go about it. I just want it to go away ASAP so we can get back to having a healthy sex life. Especially since our anniversary is next week!! Aahh!! D:
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