celery_soda (celery_soda) wrote in vaginapagina,

What shows up on insurance statement?

I do not use my insurance at Planned Parenthood because I know the office visit and tests will show up.

I have been thinking of getting a prescription for antidepressants. However, the kinds that are listed on the "$4 generic list" at Target all have sexual side effects. Bupropion, generic Wellbutrin, has no sexual side effects, but I cannot afford it without insurance.

I discussed it with my parents, and they refused to help me with antidepressants. They subscribe to the wholly incorrect "mental health issues = crazy" stigma.

Is there any way I can just have the prescription and office visits for the bupropion sent to me? As in, it shows up on an insurance statement to me but not to my parents? That way I can also use it for Planned Parenthood.

EDIT: I am not asking for other antidepressant recommendations. I am asking an insurance question. My doctor, psychologist, and I agree that medicines with sexual side effects will not be beneficial to me. I understand that some people do not experience the sexual side effects often associated with SSRIs and tricyclics. Those people do not share my health history (mental or physical) or my lifestyle.

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