rach245 (rach245) wrote in vaginapagina,

I quit birth control... now what?

So here's a little background information.. I started the pill when I was 15 (too young considering I wasn't even having sex), and last summer switched so Generess Fe. I started feeling some negative symptoms, including a huge appetite, a little depression, and absolutely no sex drive. I got off the pill last April. (good riddance!)

Before I started taking the pill, I didn't have much experience with sex since I was kind of young and naive. I never had an orgasm, mostly because I had hardly any experience, but I know I did have some sexual feelings. The problem is, now I've been off the pill for about 5 months now, and I'm not even close to getting an O. On top of that, discharge is thin, and I'm hardly ever turned on.

On a side note, before the pill: no acne. Of course, NOW at almost 20, I have breakouts on my forehead, chin, and shoulders of all places.

I started taking maca, hoping it would help. It did a little, considering the forehead acne is gone, but I'm still not feeling like myself. It sucks being this old, having never had an orgasm, and dealing with acne. I'm exercising and eating pretty healthy - dark, leafy greens, whole grains, the works - so I'm just wondering what is taking so long??? I want my body and sex drive back :(
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