lilac_ribbon (lilac_ribbon) wrote in vaginapagina,

Cervical pain

I had a check-up last Tuesday for the first time in a long time. She did the pap smear and a transvaginal ultrasound (because she couldn't get proper readings since I am a larger lady) and the breast exam and tried to get me on the pill to sort out my skin problems. I said no. No issues so far. I had twinges in my cervix for the rest of the day but that is what happened last time too.

However the twinges haven't gone away and got worse when I was walking, to the point now when I am pretty much in constant pain even when sitting. I went back to my gyno yesterday late afternoon, and the receptionist there said that this is rare, but can happen. And if I am still in pain on Saturday to call and go in (it's not far and they are open on Saturday).

But still, ow! It really fucking hurts. Dr. Google suggests it could be a UTI (but no cloudy urine or odd odour), cystitis (no burning when urinating), or even endometriosis (but periods have been normal pretty much since I started them). Even bad gas, but I have had pretty normal bowel movements the past few days.

Any other ideas? Today I am working from home but even sitting here hurts, the only thing that helps is lying in a fetal position, and it's hard to go to work that way.

Btw, I am in Germany and we have good healthcare. I also have thyroid issues but am on 75 micrograms a day of L-Thyroxin. Also anti-depressants and pregabalin for mental health issues.

Ow ow help.
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