Artemiss_Quinn (stitches1187) wrote in vaginapagina,

Vitamin C/parsley/ Dong Quai as a menstrual stimulant/herbal abortion

Hi all, I had a question for anyone who has used/considered using vitamin C as a way to stimulate your period or induce miscarriage.

A little over a week ago I was having sex and the condom came off. We stopped and I was fairly close to my period start date so I wasn't worried. When my period didn't come something didn't feel right and I went to the doctor. I was told it would be too early to tell if I were pregnant as proven by the negative urine and blood tests that came back. I decided to do some research and came across using high doses of vitamin C and parsley teas to either induce my late period or get rid of any fertilized egg that implanted it self. I did a lot of research and I'm not going to get into the science of it since I'm assuming if you're reading this you've heard about it before.
Based on my research I came up with my own regimen in which I took 500mg of vitamin C every hour and every two hours over night. I drank self made parsley tea every 4-5 hours (though I frequently forgot so it may have been more like 6 hours). I had planned on incorporating Dong Quai after three days depending on how my body was responding to the the vitamin C. I didn't get the far because after only two days I'm bleeding.

My Question:
2 days is under the recommended time for this regimen (the shortest I came across was 3 and they were taking much higher doses of than I was) and I'm wondering if I stop now that I have some bleeding. My first thought was yes, but I realised that in my research there wasn't much on what happens when it does work, I didn't even ask my doctor that. I'm concerned if I just stop with all of the vitamin C all of a sudden my body won't take it well.
Any shared experience or advice is helpful :)
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