Maria (cassiopeja) wrote in vaginapagina,

How much is too much?

I don't really know who or where to ask, so I'm trying here, since it's vagina related.

How much menstruation is regarded as just heavy or very heavy and when does it actually become too much?

I use the Lunette menstrual cup in size 1. It has a line a little below the sealing holes that stated 25 ml and in the past 20 hours I've emptied 8 (!) overflowing (a little more than 25 ml per emptying) cups of period blood. The last 4 times it has filled up completely and overflown in about 2 hours. Is that ok? Yesterday was day 1 on my period and I didn't really pay attention to how much blood it was, just that it seemed like more than normal. But I remember emptying 3 overflown cups, so around 80 ml yesterday and about 215 ml today. More than 3 dl of fluid in total in just 2 days...

My period is also weird in that it lacks almost completely the normal menstrual cramps I usually have (which are usually ranging from bad to really bad). My period has always been heavy but not this heavy and in just 2 days.

What's going on??

A little info: No known STDs and negative chlamydia test since after the last time I had sex. No chance of pregnancy (lack of sex). On anti-depressants, but have been for a long time and never had this problem. Not on hormonal BC and haven't been for ~8 years or so.

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