arawelo3 (arawelo3) wrote in vaginapagina,

Small bumps on back of tongue after unprotected oral sex

Hello! I performed unprotected oral sex on someone once 3 weeks ago, and in the last week have noticed small, flat white bumps on the back of my tongue (although in the picture below, they look pinkish). There are about 8 bumps total. The # of bumps doesn't seem to have increased (I'd say I had 5 last week, and think I have 8 now so not a sizeable increase). My mouth also feels like I have a sore throat coming on, and the taste in my mouth is bitter. The bumps do not hurt though.

Is this something I should be concerned about in regards to sexual health, or is this more likely just a dental hygiene issue? I'm going to Planned Parenthood to get an STI test Saturday, but don't know if I should go sooner.

photo (6)
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