*alli chaos* (mrsnoname) wrote in vaginapagina,
*alli chaos*

Stress spotting due to nightmare and over thinking?

Hello everyone. I am mildly freaking out and I don't know who to talk to...

I'm on Tri Sprintec. I'm a slightly less than perfect user and take my pill anywhere from 10:05-10:40. I last had sex on August 30. My period is due on the 18.

On September 11, I started having cramps and spotting. I've had less cramps but I've still had (what I think is odd) brownish discharge? There have been times where I've spotted the day before my period, but never a whole week before.

I was confused when it started. I know it can happen because of stress but I haven't been stressed... However, I did have a nightmare the night before the spotting started. I got very emotional in my dream and maybe it sounds stupid, but I'm wondering if the stress I experienced in my dream was enough to make me spot in real life? And because I am absolutely terrified of getting pregnant and I know spotting can be an indicator of that.. I'm wondering if I'm stressing myself out and making myself spot more?

I've tried looking on the internet for answers but all I find is, "Spotting could mean pregnancy!" So I add that I'm on the pill and I find, "Spotting is normal the first few months of being on a pill!" but I've been on this exact pill since April. Unless it's possible that I'm STILL adjusting to it?

So, what do you all think? Should I be concerned about pregnancy or illness or is my body just messing with me? :/ Any help would be great...
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