Andrea (fushigi_na_chou) wrote in vaginapagina,

A few random questions about hormones, headaches, and CM, to sate my curiosity

I've been keeping a headache diary the past three months because I've wanted some greater insight into them (they annoy me, but I'm a wimp about pain so they probably aren't as bad as I feel they are). I've noticed that, at least for as long as I've been recording them, they happen either right before or right after I ovulate. Are they somehow related to shifting hormones? I know some people get menstrual migraines, but, at least for the past three months, they aren't anywhere near my period. I was just wondering if there was any actual causal relationship beyond correlation.

Somewhat related, and again, out of curiosity, what would be the cause of an increased amount of CM after it's dried up some after ovulation? I know I'm not pregnant (haven't had sex in a month, but peed on a stick yesterday that also confirmed me not being pregnant, which I did because I've had some temperature weirdness and wanted to be sure my last period was an actual period), but this was quite a lot that I just woke up with. I actually can't remember having that much since before I was on HBC many years ago (I haven't been on it for years). It doesn't smell or burn or itch -- it looks like perfectly normal, somewhat fertile CM. Is it probably just a weird "bodies do weird things for no reason sometimes" things? Just curious. Thanks. :)
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