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Weird pain in bladder/uterus?

Hey vagina friends,

I have this weird pain in either my bladder or uterus, for some reason I'm thinking more like my bladder. It's like a dull pain with some random sharp stabby pains, kind of on the right side but towards the middle, if that makes sense. No pain on urination or anything. I have been wearing some random non-cotton crotch undies lately, idk if it's related or not. I donno if those can lead to UTIs or not. I know non-cotton is more likely to cause yeastie beasties. My adorbs cotton undies are all disappearing for some reason... Also a couple times I've gotten sharp stabby pains I've felt a kind of gushy feeling in my undies. I don't know if I just think I'm feeling something novel because I'm paying more attention to the region or if I actually am gushing a little pee from a bladder cramp? If that's a thing? or if my uterus/cervix is cramping and pushing out fluid?

I also missed a pill (mini pill) by like 3 hours after having sex with my husband ejaculating inside of me. I know people can get implantation bleeding, but can they get implantation pain? I'd be totes mcgotes excited if I'm pregnant, it just wouldn't be a good time for me right now financially which is why I'm on the pill.

Sorry for my randomness, I'm severely sleep deprived due to baby sitting some dogs that are loosing their minds with out their mommy and daddy aka my parents.
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