Amy (boogiehedgehog) wrote in vaginapagina,

Bump in throat- not sure where else to post this :(

Hi VP, I hope this is okay to post here.  I just noticed today that I have a small bump on the upper back part of my throat.  It looks suspiciously like a wart to me, which I am really upset about and I hope it's not the case.  I have no idea if it's some kind of sexually transmitted oral HPV, honestly I don't know enough about the virus to be sure.  Of course it could just be some sort of cyst or pustule, but I'm really concerned.  I'm going to the dentist in a couple of days but I just wanted to get a second opinion so I have some idea of what I'm dealing with.

Picture under the cut- warning, it's a pretty HUGE picture up close inside my throat so it's kinda gross looking.  In order to take the pic, I had to record on my phone for a couple of seconds and then take a screenshot, because the camera wasn't able to focus.  That's why there's a big arrow in the middle of the image.  The bump in question is that small lump to the right of my uvula with a little red dot on it.

Thanks in advance for your help.  :(

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