some girl. (rizuki) wrote in vaginapagina,
some girl.

trouble with heavy periods

hello everyone! i don't see my doctor for another two weeks so i was hoping i could get some thoughts from you guys.

i get very very intense periods. i have for years, i'd say since the early 2000s when i was in high school. some months it's awesome, some months i swear getting hit by a car would be less painful. i hadn't gone to my doctor because of a lack of health insurance, so for a very long time i just dealt with it. then there was a time where it wasn't so bad and i was living a normal life.

recently, my periods went back to being as intense as they were in high school. extreme backaches and cramps, heavy bleeding (changing i'd say about every 2-3 hours depending on the day of cycle), gi issues, many blood clots, and an overall horrible feeling. the next appointment for my ob/gyn is still pretty far unfortunately, but i'm at a loss as to what this could possibly be. i'm missing work for days at a time, cancelling plans, and pretty much staying in my room all week when my period comes.

i know birth control is already an option in the air, but is this just "the gift of heavy periods"? is this an actual thing with a name? i tried doing some research but i figure it's best to ask. i already have gi issues and anemia (i am seeing doctors for both of those), and my period isn't helping either one of those at all; i worry it's making me sicker. i just wanted to grab whatever thoughts and comments you guys might shoot my way. thank you all so much!

ps - it wouldn't let me tag the entry? sorry. :(
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