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YI Treatment for my fellow hippies

Hello wonderful VPers,

I currently have my first YI, like ever, and the itching was ridiculous yesterday. I thought I would make a post about what has worked for me in case someone is in the same boat and doesn't want to take medications or use ointments.
I popped in a peeled clove of garlic with the sides cut off and the relief was almost instant. My text to my fiancee after first putting it in: "Sweet Lord, I have a clove of garlic in me cooch". I left it in for over 12 hours (took it out and rinsed it off when I showered and put it back in to sleep) and this morning there was no itching. The infection isn't gone completely, but the discharge is cut in half and the itching is GONE. I'm also watching my empty carb intake, boosting my veggies and cutting sugar out completely for the next couple days and limiting sugar for the next couple weeks. I <3 me some sugar.  This approach might not work for everyone, but I didn't know until I tried.
I'm really into the home remedy approach for everything. Birth control, headaches, sleep. So, when I got this yeast infection and everyone was like "take these pills and use this cream", I was like "I'm going to ask VP. THERE MUST BE A BETTER WAY." Not to say that people shouldn't take pills or use ointments, I'm totally for doing what works for the individual. It just doesn't work for me, mentally and emotionally. I found a wonderful reserve of information through the 'Yeast Infections' tab on the VP page.

I still don't know why I got the infection. It seemed rather random, but it could have been connected to new medication.

My point: If you have a YI and you hate the idea of taking a pill more than actually having the yeast infection, there are other ways. Check out the YI tab on this page and research which foods you should avoid and which you should concentrate on. Don't worry, it gets better!
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