Moon (velkoria) wrote in vaginapagina,

Another am I pregnant question

Hi there everyone.

I have another am I pregnant question. Or more a "do you think this is possible" question cause you are not pregnancy tests question xD.

Basically I've been consistent with my BC (except the beginning of this month) and have been having regular bleeds all this year. I usually bleed 3-4 days with all the works! Cramps, breast pain, some discharge a couple of days before, diarrhea some times and the whole nine yards.

This month and the last have been no exception (and this month's bleed came even though I was going through the loss of a family member and was more than mildly sad). And yet I missed the first pill of my pack (but had not had ejaculation in my vagina for over 7 days enforce missing said pill which was 12 hours late) and had to take 2 pills in one day and now paranoia monster has struck!

Basically I had a migraine (get them since I was 12) and puked (typical of migraines for me) and then today I had a slight stomachache with some diarrhea. So my brain has decided I must be 1-2 months pregnant even though I have had my bleeds and symptoms to accompany said bleeds and they been regular continuous bleeds with clots and blood and did I mention I didn't miss a BC pill and at most I took them within a 3 hour time frame? Yup... So is there ever even a chance that I could be pregnant because I've had some stomach issues? Because the T.V. Says if I ever puke or have nausea then I am surely pregnant!!

P.S.: my breasts have also been slightly sore but this has happened before when I have to take a late pill and I take two in one day.

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