Procrastinator Extraordinaire (nightmer) wrote in vaginapagina,
Procrastinator Extraordinaire

Treating Male Yeast Infections

I'm a diabetic with chronic yeast infections that are mostly under control.  My cis male partner has never shown symptoms of a YI, but we've both noticed the strong odor of yeast in his underwear area which comes and goes and I tend to develop YIs quicker if he's smelling yeasty.  Presumably I've infected him and now he keeps reinfecting me as the yeast is definitely hiding out in a large area of skin.  He washes daily with tea tree oil soap and has tried rinses with hydrogen peroxide, which both help but not enough.  He's also tried treating himself with coconut oil and tea tree oil.

I know there's quite a few other options for him (Monistat, etc) but I'm wondering what other people have found to be the most effective.  I'm also curious if oral treatments like Diflucan or even probiotics would help him as external YIs seem to differ a lot from internal YIs. Thoughts?
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