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BV meds

I know we aren't doctors here, but we are pretty savvy about all things vagina. However, if this post oversteps any boundaries about medical advice, let me know and I can correct/delete.

So. I work in the medical field, but in hospice care, and so my knowledge of meds is decent, but not for vaginas. My experience in Gyne was gyne oncology - a different focus.

My friend has BV, and she remembered to take her meds when I was there. I asked what they put her on, and she said "two pills", and proceeded to show me flagyl tablets, and citalopram (celexa) tablets. I thought that was weird, and she mentioned that her doctor called the order in to the pharmacy near her house. The flagyl makes perfect sense, but the celexa...

I advised her to consider calling the pharmacy and make sure she had the right drug. I asked if she was depressed, struggled with PPD or had anxiety, and she said no, and I trust that because she and I are close and I'm sure she'd tell me. Do you think this looks like a medication error? It seems strange that a SSRI was prescribed for BV. Is ciprofloxacin ever prescribed for BV, and perhaps it was misheard on the phone/mistyped in an autocorrect for a computer program?

I told her what citalopram was usually used for and I think she decided not to continue as the side effects are nasty. But maybe there's something I really don't know about citalopram, and it could be useful for her BV. She seemed upset that she was prescribed something for mental health when all she went to the gyne for was IUD insertion, where they swabbed, and it came back for BV.



So my friend went to the pharmacy, they looked up the fax, and they screwed up big time. The Citalopram was meant for another person, and she was only meant to receive the flagyl. She only took 3 pills, but scary thing is she's breast feeding an infant, and she never consented to be on these drugs. The manager will apparently call her on Monday, and will refund what she paid for the drugs.

Thanks to everyone for helping solve this puzzle :)
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