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I wasn't sure where else to turn so I wanted to get the opinion of others before I head to the doctor's on the 17th.

I've been having sex with multiple new partners (all with protection), and the last time I had sex with one guy, the condom broke and neither of us knew it until after we were done. a few days later he found out his ex girlfriend said to him that several months ago, while they were occasionally sleeping together, she may have had unprotected sex with another guy who has chlamydia. I've never had an STD scare so it really had me worried.

he immediately got tested (and is waiting on the results), and I booked the soonest appointment I could to do the same, but I'm just wondering if this sounds like chlamydia, or possibly a yeast infection? (I am prone to those).

earlier this week I noticed a small, hard, half pea sized bump on my smaller labia, close to my clitoris. I left it alone for a day or two and it was painful to the touch. I finally was able to look in a mirror at it and I saw that it had a white head. this has happened to me before due to shaving or what not, but never on my smaller labia. I put a hot wash cloth on it and popped it, and it appears to be fine.

I now have was feels and appears to be signs of a YI. dry, itchy, swollen, redness, and whiteish discharge. slightly painful urination.

has anyone else had chlamydia and can give me some insight? I know it's fairly easy to cure but I guess my imagination is running rampant with all the other STDs that it could be.
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