Lucy (gigabyteme) wrote in vaginapagina,

Stacking Lutera & Early Period

Hi there!

I've been on lutera for four months, and have a special trip with my SO coming up October 4th - this is scheduled to be the first day of my placebo week. What's weird for me is, I've been getting my period at the end of WEEK 3, instead of the middle of Week 4. It has become regulated and there are no adverse side effects, so I feel like it's just normal for me. So generally I have my period during 3 active pills and 1-2 inactive pills.

I've been thinking about stacking my pack to avoid bleeding while he's here, and was thinking about skipping THIS MONTH's placebo week and continuing on to active pills to essentially bump up my usual bleeding time (week 3) to two weeks before he is here, and my placebo week the week before he gets here.

Does this sound normal, first of all, and would this work? Or would the shock to my system cause more unpredictable bleeding? Lastly, after 6 weeks of active pills, I would still be protected during the 7th week placebo week, right?

Thank you so much for your help! I need to make the decision by tonight, so I'm asking around as well as making some calls. 
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