Moon (velkoria) wrote in vaginapagina,

Starting my pack 10 hours late

Hello everyone! I am on my phone so I will get right to it. I totally spazzed out and forgot to buy my new pill pack last night. I usually take my pill anywhere between 9 and 11 pm. Last night would have been my first night but I forgot. I will be getting my new pack today but I was wondering

1) if I take my new pull before 11 am is it considered missed? Will this affect my protection?

2) if I take it AFTER 11 am how long (if at all) should I use secondary protection for?

3) is secondary protection advised regardless for this situation?

I am on Ortho Cly Lo 21/7 packs and have regular intercross without condoms. 25 healthy cis*female in a long term relationship.


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