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Non-latex large condoms

Hello, all!

I discovered about two years ago that I have a latex sensitivity and now use only non-latex condoms as my primary form of birth control.

My bf and I have experimented with the lambskin, but we really didn't like them, and moved on to Polysoprine (I'm not sure we've ever tried Polyurethane—is it different?). He is pretty well-endowed and for some reason, it seems like non-latex condoms don't really exist in large sizes!! We use the Lifestyles Skyn Larges, but according to him, the "Large" size is about equal to the regular size of a latex condom (while the Lifestyle Skyn regulars are even tighter). And to make matters worse, it seems like most of the Lifestyles Larges are being taken off the shelves at our nearby drugstores (though we've found a few online), so they might even be discontinued.

I've done some digging into condom sizes, and it actually seems like Lifestyles do run small, and the Large size is about equal to the standard size of a Trojan Supra or Avanti Bare (according to the size chart I found, they are all about 2.2" width. We used to use Trojan Ecstacy for which I am having trouble finding a size chart online, but I believe they were 2.2" at the base but wider at the tip, something like 2.5". Does anyone know of a non-latex condom in a LARGER size?

Thanks for the help!!
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