lilin_unite (lilin_unite) wrote in vaginapagina,

Post-intercourse abdominal pain

Hey, ladies. I'm a bit stuck here. Wondering if any of you could offer some insight.

I had intercourse last night that was on the rough side, but nothing we haven't done before. On this particular day, it felt a bit too deep, which has also happened before. I kind of wiggle around to try to situate things better, which helped a bit, as usual. But in general, I am not bothered by a bit of intercourse pain in the right mood, so I just kind of ignored it.

A couple hours later, I was a little sore and crampy on my left lower abdomen. I figured something in there got whacked -- my cervix, or perhaps I had some scar tissue that got disturbed (I had my left ovary removed many years ago due to a large cyst, so there's no ovary there to bruise). It was made worse by laying on my right side.

The next day, the pain was much less severe, but had migrated to the right side.

And then, this evening, it suddenly got a whole lot worse. It felt about 80% as bad as my menstrual cramps, focused on the right side. Honestly, I almost went home from work. But I took 2 ibuprofen, which helped.

Now the ibuprofen has worn off. The severe pain hasn't returned, but I feel kind of sore, or like I got punched in the pelvic area, still focused on my right side.

My insurance is useless and won't cover this if I go to the doctor. So I am trying to assess how concerned I need to be before I put myself out $500+ that I don't have.

Some details...

1. Nothing I've felt has been "new." It's just unusual in the way it's presenting. I have very mild right-side pain frequently since I had surgery, even all these years later.

2. I have never had a recurring cyst. The type of cyst I got is extremely rare and unlikely to strike twice.

3. I am mid-cycle.

4. I just finished a course of Cipro for a simple UTI about 4 days ago. I've had UTI's before. This one didn't feel any different.

5. I don't have a thermometer, but I don't appear to have a fever.

6. I don't feel anything worrisome when I palpate my abdomen.

7. My appetite is normal.

Could this all just be from getting hit too deep at the wrong time, or do I need to be more concerned?

Thank you so much!
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