ohokra (ohokra) wrote in vaginapagina,

Pregnancy scare-minor freakout. Advice about tests? Thanks

I am scared i may be pregnant. I had sex on the 7th then again every day last week. We used condoms every time but thats the only form of protection since i am not on birth control. My period was supposed to start on the 1st but didn't. I have been having very sore/tender boobs and cramping since the 30th or so but no blood. I am only 3 days late and have always had an irregular period but this is the first time i have ever had cramping/soreness w/o my period. Im a little scared that i may have gotten pregnant. Can you all recommend the best test for early detection? If i am pregnant i would have conceived either on the 7th or sometime between the 25th-31st. Should i wait a few more days before taking the test since the 31st was only a few days ago? Are there any tests that would be accurate and show a correct positive even if i conceived on the 31st? Am I overreacting? I googled the cramping+soreness with no blood thing and basically everything said it is a early pregnancy sign. Is google wrong? Have any of you experienced this without being pregnant? The cramps aren't terrible but i never get terrible cramps and they are like what i usually get when im on my period. Any advise will be appreciated. Im sorry if this is very rambleish but im a tad bit freaked after spending the last few hrs on google reading all about how cramps/soreness are signs of pregnancy.

I also have milky white discharge :/ another early pregnancy sign.

The condoms didnt break or come off anytime during sex though... Isnt it like 1% chance i could get pregnant using condoms properly? There is no way i would be in that 1%. I never win anything! I cant be in that bracket..
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