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Okay, so I always see people posting on here about getting your thyroid checked, and how important (and under-diagnosed) this is. Seeing the last post about sex drive I decided to finally go googling and see what the official symptoms are. According to the Mayo Clinic site I match quite a few of the symptoms, and they don't list sex drive but my sex drive is crap, maybe once a month I actively WANT sex. however, is it possible to have hypothyroidism without fertility issues? My first son was conceived the first cycle trying, second was after only six months (and I was still nursing while trying to conceive).

The symptom list and my comments on each symptom.

  • Fatigue - Yes, but also have two kids 3 & under

  • Increased sensitivity to cold - I freeze all day everyday, my office has a casual dresscode and I live in a hoodie sweatshirt, and even then feel so cold my hands ache from the cold.

  • Constipation - constantly, and no amount of fiber or dietary changes fixes this

  • Dry skin - yes

  • Unexplained weight gain - no, but having a hard time losing pregnancy weight even 9 months post partum

  • Puffy face - meh?

  • Hoarseness - no

  • Muscle weakness - my husband would say yes

  • Elevated blood cholesterol level - hasn't been tested in forever

  • Muscle aches, tenderness and stiffness - constantly, to the point that I have thought about getting checked for arthritis or something when the baby weans

  • Pain, stiffness or swelling in your joints - see muscle aches

  • Heavier than normal or irregular menstrual periods - haven't had a period in over a year due to pregnancy and now nursing

  • Thinning hair - yes, but again, post-partum, hard to gage

  • Slowed heart rate - no?

  • Depression - if so it's mild

  • Impaired memory - no

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