Post-nasal drip (tsemed_chemed) wrote in vaginapagina,
Post-nasal drip

Cyclical Sex Drive: Are My Hormones to Blame? And Hypothyroid Question.

hi folks!
i've been dealing with a very low sex drive lately, which i thought was because of stress, since i'm a nursing student, and i'm never sleeping enough and am often "cared out" by the end of the day, and it did improve over the summer a bit when i wasn't in school. i've noticed, though, that my sex drive increases intensely mid-cycle, when i'm near ovulation, which makes sense, since my uterus doesn't know that the sex my cis-female partner and i have isn't going to produce a baby, but it also peaks immediately before i menstruate. does anyone know why that is? i am kind of confused about which hormones dominate during which parts of the cycle, and from an evolutionary standpoint, it doesn't make sense, but is there some hormone kicking in then that ups your urges?

since i've been a bit low energy, and my sex drive has been low, i recently got my tsh and free t-4 tested, and my tsh was 4.900 uIU/ml. the range my lab uses is 0.270-4.200, so it's on the high side. my np wants me to get it re-tested in 6 months, and if it's still high then, we'll talk about drug therapy. i know it's only slightly high, but could this be part of why i only want to have sex like every two weeks? also, i am planning to start trying to conceive in december, and i am wondering if i should have my thyroid under control beforehand, or if it's better to wait until i'm actually pregnant and test my levels then to make sure it's really being properly regulated. did any of you hypothyroid folks notice a marked increase in your sex drive after starting on levothyroxine? have any of you had experiences with acupuncture and hypothyroidism? (i am planning to use acupuncture to boost my fertility as much as possible before we attempt insemination with sperm fedexed from our donor in las vegas!)
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