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For several years I have had this pain around the vagina opening. Unless I touch the area, I don't feel any particular pain, and I have therefore never bothered with going to the doctor for it.

Now about a month and a half ago I started having this constant nedd to pee feeling. I have been treated for BV, UTI, Yeast infection, and nothing has changed. Now I am being treated for an overactive bladder (feel kind of emberrassed, because I am only 22 years old).

I have started to notice that the itching/pain feeling I have had for several years have spread, and the need to pee feeling gets worce if I wipe and irritate the area. So now I am wondering if it might be possible that I am suffering from Vulvodynia, and that it has recently caused inflamation around the urethra opening, and that this inflamation is what is causing my constant need to pee feeling that is slowly ruining my life.

Is there anyone out there that might be able to answer? Any advice? Any homeremedies I can try while I am on the medecin for an overactive bladder?(I have only been on them (betmiga) for 2 weeks, and the doctor wants me to try at least one month)

I have never had sex, so it is highly unlikely that it is an STD.

Thanks to anyone that might be able to help :)
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