tillypickles (tillypickles) wrote in vaginapagina,

Period or implantation..

Hi everyone,

I posted the other day about coming off my pill to try for a baby, thank you for your replies!

I took 4 pills of my new pack, then decided to stop. (started them on 24th aug and stopped 27th.) We had sex on 26th without a condom. Didnt think much of it then as I was continuing my pill as normal. We also had sex last night (30th), off pill and unprotected.

This morning I had orangey discharge, and a little later on started bleeding. It's not heavy, but not that light. Could this be because I have come off the pill? So, withdrawal bleed? Or could it be signs of implantation? I'm not sure if that can happen the next day, but I have heard sperm can live inside the body for 7 days, so is it possible that its from sex on 26th?

What are my chances? I'm aware this could just be another period, but thought I'd ask others.

Thanks! X
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