Jessica (rockstar_beauty) wrote in vaginapagina,

Keflex, the pill & chance of pregnancy?

Hello Superstars!

Some background - taking Levlen ED daily, once a week i may take it a couple or hours late, rarely, if ever, miss a pill.

On the 9th of august i had all 4 wisdom teeth out and was prescribed Keflex for 7 days to ward off any infections. I finished taking keflex on the 16th and 7 Days after that, the 23rd august (a week ago today), My partner and I had sex and he did not pull out. I usually stack my pill for 2 to 3 months and then have a break. I think my last period was the 2nd last or last week of july. Im usually very careful when it comes to antibiotics, but this time i just didnt give it a thought and now its playing on my mind.

what could be my risk? Is there a reasonable chance i could fall pregnant and if so, when should i test and should i try for a breakthrough bleed before then?

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