tinykristen (tinykristen) wrote in vaginapagina,

diva-cup and clotty period issues....

I've been stalking  around watching VP for some time, and I absolutely love this site...so I figured I should actually write a post now :) I'm in nursing school, and work in a urogynecology office (meaning we not only do regular gynecology stuff, but also with issues like incontinence, pelvic organ prolapse, and any urinary problem!). So I know a lot but about Netherlands region, but sometimes my body likes to break all the rules, defy gravity, do everything backwards...you get what I'm saying..
Since I was a teenager, my reproductive system has hated me. My periods were semi-normal up until I was 16, and then I was put on continuous OCP's for severe dysmenorrhea. I had surgery on my uterus at age 19, and was diagnosed with PCOS at age 26. I've recently gone off continuous OCP's in the last 4 months and have started to get a period again.
I'm now using a Diva cup - which I absolutely LOVE. After being on continuous OCP's and not having a period for close to 10 years, the first time I saw a humungo blood clot come out of my body, I freaked out a little bit. I don't remember ever having clots like that before. There was no horrible cramping with it like I've read in some other people's menstrual cast/lining posts. The first time it happened, I wouldn't have even noticed I had passed anything, but when I was wiping myself after peeing I could feel something slimy on my labia/towards my butt rolling over the toilet paper and I was really confused. I'm on my period now and the clot yesterday was kind of incredible. I wish I could have snapped a picture, but I was in my work bathroom..The clot wasn't even in the cup..It was like... swinging out of my vag dangling over the toilet. It's like it couldn't fully pass out my cervix or something.. I actually had to reach in and pull it out. Sorry - gross, I know.
So - question- The diva cup doesn't leak. I love it. I think I get less cramps. But has anyone who gets a really clotty period had this same problem.. with clots kind of just sticking around in your vag until you remove the cup?
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