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Irregular cycle after stopping long-term HBC use

HI VPers,

My period is currently quite a bit late. I'm gonna bullet point this for easier reading. :)

- I had been taking HBC for the past ~4 years, but I finally got tired of the emotional problems that went along with the brand I was taking, so I stopped using it 3 months ago.

-I had a normal withdrawal bleed, then I had my first post-BC period about 33 days later, then again 32 days after that. Now it's been 49 days and no bleeding.

- Last week, I tried to jumpstart it with parsley and vitamin C. I drank a lot of it, used it as a pessary, and took 5000mg of vitamin C over the course of a day. This obviously did not work.

- I've not been checking temps, but last week my cervix was very high and soft. Right now it is low, hard, and open.

- I am definitely NOT TTC. I've had sex twice since my last period, both times we used condoms (that did not break to my knowledge), he pulled out (well in advance), and finished nowhere near any part of me that can form a baby. The last time I had sex was 21 days ago.

- I've taken 4 pregnancy tests. The first was defective (no control line), the other 3 were negative.

- I was not stressed at the time I was supposed to get my period, but I have subsequently had to deal with A LOT of work stress (plus being worried about pregnancy)

- my periods were pretty irregular before I started taking the HBC, but I can't remember exactly how they behaved.

I googled irregular periods after stopping longterm BC use and it seems pretty common to have funky periods after having a couple "normal" ones, but I'm still getting worried. Is it possible that the stress delayed ovulation (hence the cervical positions) & that's why it's late and the parsley didn't work? Or can I somehow be pregnant with near-perfect use of two types of BC AND 3 negative pregnancy tests?

Also, my boyfriend and I decided that, because we both got so nervous about this pregnancy scare, it's wise for us to stop having PIV for a while. Has anyone gone from having PIV regularly with the same partner, to focusing solely on other types of sex? I'm nervous because we've been doing it for so long & it just feels necessary (which of course, it's not).

Thank you!!
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