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Rephresh Gel Applied To Labia/Clitoris - Discomfort - Help! :'-(


Current [Miserable] Status: So I know Rephresh Vaginal Gel is supposed to be inserted into the vagina but recently I was experiencing irritation not only internally but also on my labia and clitoris and so I used some of the residual gel from the tube to soothe the labia and clitoris. At first I felt fine but the gel has now adhered to my labia and clitoris, it seems. I know it is supposed to adhere to the lining of the vagina to balance the ph so I figured if I applied it to my clitoris and labia it would be sticky, like a sticky film, but this stuff actually adheres like glue. I want it to come off but I can't get it to wipe off w/ water alone (or even vinegar, or baking soda get the idea. I've tried stuff.) and I certainly don't want to scrub. Has anyone every done this before? What should I do? I'm actually becoming worried because it appears and feels like I have a gel like film over my labia and clitoris that simply isn't going anywhere. Obviously, I need to run, not walk, to OB GYN tomorrow but in the mean time....any advice? :'-(

Back story:
I have been having problems w/ recurring BV all summer, which got worse after a latex condom allergy. I used metro gel, which seemed to work but as I have heard that it can strip you of good bacteria I tried to balance out my ph after my metrogel treatment was done using an OTC product called Yeast Guard (Like an idiot I didn't read the ingredients. It's a homeopathic medicine that actually contains Candida Albicans, which CAUSES yeast infections). I think that might have actually exacerbated my situation. Now internally I'm starting to feel a little better w/ the Rephresh, although I find it a little creepy now that it adheres to your vaginal lining for days at a time and can't be washed off. However, on my labia and clitoris I feel terribly sensitive and uncomfortable and I believe it is because the gel isn't really supposed to be used there. I am also taking Pro B capsules day and night.
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