the love of your life lives but lies no more (boltonlove) wrote in vaginapagina,
the love of your life lives but lies no more

period question

I made a post a week ago about a missed period. I was 14 days late when I went to the doctor's office last Friday. They had me pee in a cup and they tested it and it was negative and suggested testing if my period didn't come by September 10th. A few hours I started bleeding only when I wiped, by the next day it was like a normal period and I had intense cramps, and on day 3 (yesterday) it was normal at the beginning but it started slowing down to spotting and I'm still spotting today and if I haven't spotted between restroom breaks then when I wipe its red. Is it safe to assume this was my period but was abnormal because of the delay? I'm only asking cause my doctor didn't really alleviate worries when I went to see her.

Thanks so much for all the information, guys! I truly appreciate it.
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