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Hey all,

I am 99.9% sure I suffer from PMDD because I completely change my mindset and personality the week before my period. Usually, I'm a pretty happy, idealistic woman with generalized anxiety but nothing major. Because this year has been tough for me, I have been taking Cymbalta for GAD and it's been working well, but during the week before my period, it's like I'm off any medication and all I want to do is be sad, antisocial, and cry. All the symptoms of PMDD fit perfectly for me. I have a prescription of Xanax but I don't really like it, as all it seems to do is make my legs feel like I'm high, but I don't really have panic attacks so it doesn't really help.

Everything is do dramatic when I am going through PMDD. A sleazy man tried to cop a feel last night at a bar, and it made me run to a corner and cry about sexism. Last month, I felt so dramatically lonely I balled my eyes out. Nothing that usually makes me happy does, I have irrational thoughts, I overthink everything, and I get extremely stressed about my life.

It only lasts a week though, and I cope by exercising, taking a lot of alone time, not pushing myself, and crying if I need to. Since this has been happening for over a decade now, I know it's temporary, but I'm so tired of 25% of each month being spent in anguish, especially when it affects my loved ones and my life decisions.

Do any of you have any suggestions with how to better cope during this awful week?
Also, how do you convince males that this isn't some bullshit excuse to be more emotional but an actual hormonal problem that is very real? My boyfriend is really sympathetic and doesn't mind that I get emotional during this time, but since he can't really understand what I'm going through, I feel like he (and most men out there) don't truly grasp how terrible it is.

My therapist and a gyno once suggested I could take a certain antidepressant only during this week (I can't remember which one right now), but I don't really want to add it onto the Cymbalta.

Any advice on dealing with PMDD?

Edited for clarity: I am currently not on any HBC because the couple times I have been on them it has made me feel like I was experiencing PMS the whole time, and they were at stressful times in my life anyway. My LDR and I are expecting to close the gap in a few months and I am considering getting on something so that our chance of getting pregnant is slim to none, but given the fact that I have PMDD, any suggestions with what would have less side effects? I'm leaning towards the nuva ring...

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