Yuula Benivuula (tindronomel) wrote in vaginapagina,
Yuula Benivuula

plan B and ovulation, help!

please help me understand this as i don't want to deal with pregnancy paranoia.

my cycles are 32 days long, very regular and i use a calendar based contraceptive method that worked for years.

i got my period on august 1st, had unprotected sex on august 10th - so day 10 of my cycle, not perfect but not too bad, but i was paranoid and took plan B on day 12 of my cycle (i was away and couldn't get any earlier). i felt what i thought was ovulation on day 19, completely forgot that i took the plan B and had unprotected sex during my "safe" time, which is last night, day 24. then suddenly remembered that i took the plan B and now i'm afraid that it was not safe at all and that what i felt was ovulation were just cramps. i forgot about the pill because i didn't experience any of its side effects.

does the pill really change your cycle that much, even if you take it so long in advance? anyone has experience with this?

please advise.
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