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help & opinions again pleaaaaaaaaase

hi so, before i was stressing out bc i thought i was the slightest chance pregnant. but i think ive ruled that out...
here is my previous post for the back story: http://vaginapagina.livejournal.com/21749827.html

me and my boyfriend talked about all my worrying and he assured me that not only did the condom NOT have any tears in it, but that he didnt even finish when he was inside.
so with that being said...i really dont think i am anymore.

BUT after i had posted the earlier forum, i started experiencing a little more red blood, accompanied with some cramping.. and im on birth control so i was confused as to why this would be happening? because i had thought my birth control had regulated last mont (i had stopped breakthrough bleeding.. and even when i did btb it was never slightly red with cramping) and by red i mean like a bit on toilet paper...
so i got really confused and a super nervous that it could actually be a sigh of implantation bleeding.
so i called my local clinic to talk to a rep who connected me to a nurse that gave me no help at all (literally said she did not know)

BUUUUUT (sorry this is so long) now i have stopped, no brown no red just normal. but i have this type of stomach pain, i have no idea what it is, it kind of feels like cramping, but im not sure. whatever i take (food enzymes, pepto) nothing helps! I've been drinking so much water and its like nothin works. & i have a headache that wont go away... and i dunno its like im making myself have these symptoms to freak myself out.

i know this isnt like a health forum, but im scared its all linked to pregnancy... and im nervous as hell to say the least. even though im pretty positive i couldnt be pregnant, why am i having all these symptoms? why is my body acting like this? i dunno like i said before i just need reassurance of some type or ... i dont know, anything. i know i cant take a pregnancy test this early, and my period pills arent for another 12 days... im scared to have to wait that long! i dont want to be stressed for two more weeks... its ridiculous trying to live with. any help or advice or whatever is welcome. thank you VP users! & sorry for all the questions!
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